Sandy Spence

Photography for me started in 1979 when I was a member of the then current British Skydiving Team. Most of our members lived in a house in Hendon, London and the majority had cameras. Being a team player I decided to join in and bought my first, an Olympus OM1 and to this day I still have it. During those early years my photography was 35mm slide based and my interest lasted for about ten years. It would not be unusual to pay us a visit in Hendon to find we had a slide show going of the house occupant’s latest efforts. I picked up a camera again around 2006/7 when I bought my first serious Digital a Canon 400D and developed an interest in taking shots of people. Much of my work is Theatre and Live Performance based with Portrait thrown in for good measure; I am willing and very keen to try other areas to help increase my knowledge base. I do have an ambition to turn professional but realise that I need to learn more before I can take that plunge. The club has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, I enjoy the feedback and constructive comments of my work from club members. As a first step on that journey to Professional status I have created my own website at where you can see more examples of my work as well as those found in my club gallery. Hope you enjoy my and the other members work… PS: If you have interests in photography why not pop along for a chat, the kettle is always hot for tea and coffee and if you are lucky there might even be some Hobnobs?