Geoff Thomson

I started taking photographs as a teenager with a very basic 35mm camera, fully manual, and a hand held light-meter. I got my first SLR a Zenith when I was 20; it was much better because I could “see” what I was taking.
I moved onto a pair of Minolta SLR’s, a range of zoom lenses and flash guns. In 1994 I bought a Canon auto-focus camera and some zoom lenses. I went digital in 2005 with a Canon SLR, using my existing lenses; I upgraded these to Canon professional lenses.
I joined the Aberystwyth Camera Club in the mid 1980’s and started printing my own photographs. All my photographs were slides and I like BIG colour pictures, therefore I kitted myself out to print 20 X 16 inch Cibachrome prints.
Over the years I have tried most types of photography:- family, macro, close up, birds, animals, butterflies, flowers, fungi, table top, sport, night, movement, portrait, glamour, figure, nude, studio, flash, astronomical, etc. I now take photographs of subjects that please me, these are landscapes, cars, yachts, planes, portraits, figure, but they have to have interesting lighting, mood, colour, shape or pattern.
I have achieved an Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation (AWPF) Distinction by submitting a panel of 12 prints on the subject of transport.
I have recently bought into the Olympus OM-D CSC mirrorless camera system and some pro lenses. It takes very good photographs (I can print A2). Because it is lighter and smaller I take it with me most of the time (the Canon isn’t getting much use).
My RAW files are processed in Lightroom which I really enjoy using, it can bring out the detail and colour in photographs.

Geoff T. November 2017