Tony Hicklin

Photography for me started when I was about 7 when my mum bought me a Kodak 110 (look that up on wikipedia). My first shots were of my friends’ parties and of the odd pigeon I really wanted to catch them in flight, the pigeons not my friends. Over the years I have owned various SLR 35mm cameras and my skills evolved to match. Then the family came along and the demands of work placed a strain on my much loved hobby to the extent that photography had to take a back seat.
Around 2006 I acquired my first digital SLR a Canon 350D and my interest in photography was re-ignited. My main interest is in landscape and I will spend a long time looking for the shot my gallery (coming soon) has examples of my work and I hope you enjoy looking at them as I did in the taking. I am interested in developing portrait skills and the club has enough members who are eager to pass on what knowledge they have.