Stephen Woolley

I suppose I was about twelve or thirteen when I started to think about Photography. I very much liked art but I was useless at drawing, painting or even carving or sculpting. I was blessed, or some may call it cursed, with a vivid imagination, but I couldn’t transfer it to paper, wood or stone. I wondered if photography would fill that void. I ‘borrowed’ my sister’s Kodak 127 and off I went. I got through the period of people asking me why I had taken a picture of a cloud through that old window, “isn’t that racing car a bit blurred?” I persevered. Eventually I graduated to an Olympus OM10 with an 18-135 zoom which at that stage in my life was not cheap, so, I decided to go to night school to do a photography GCE course in order to justify the expense. After a year of hard work I gained a B grade O level. After about thirty years of on off photography I graduated to a digital Canon EOS 650D and joined the Royal Photographic Society. After a bit more hard work and a camera upgrade, I had a go at the Licentiate, I got that at the second attempt, now I’m gearing up for the next stage, the associateship. I very much like black and white photography, but since joining Aberystwyth Camera Club I’ve included much more colour. If pushed I have to say that I prefer black and white street photography, but, I’ll have a go at most forms and have been very much inspired by the other members of the club. In fact I have found that I will need to improve my day to day photography just to keep up.