Paul Green

I started serious photography in 1997, the impetus being the expected birth of our first grandchild. I joined my then local camera club at the same time and the hobby took off.
In 2003 I joined Aberystwyth camera club on my relocation to the area and the hobby continues. I am a wholly analogue worker, for me the journey is as important as the result and I enjoy my darkroom work to the extent that digital photography holds very little interest for me.

I have recently started on the learning curve of colour printing in the darkroom and while results are not yet wonderful it is an exciting time.
My camera collection seems to be ever growing, most being of the clockwork variety and manual focus, having lots means you have a spare when one breaks is what I tell the wife.
I am interested in all types of photography but if pushed to choose one it would probably be portraiture.

Photos to follow…