Mark Williams

When I was eighteen I bought my first camera a Praktica Bx20 (I still have it) my photography journey had begun. My introduction to digital started with the purchase of a Fujifilm 6900 (I still have that) followed soon after with a Canon 400D. I now use a Canon 500D and have the ambition one day to own a full frame.
My photography interests are broad and I enjoy taking shots of landscapes, animals and motor sports and if I were asked to choose one then it would have to be motor sports.
My current employer is Rachel’s Organic Dairy where I work as a senior engineer. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and finding out how things work and this could be one of the reasons why I am now experimenting with ‘Camera Axe’. I have had early success taking first prize in our club themed competition ‘Broken’. Some examples of this type of photography and my other work are included in my gallery, hope you enjoy.