Competition Rules

The object of club competitions is to encourage the submission of prints and projected images for consideration and helpful comment and evaluation.


1.1 All fully paid up members of club shall be eligible to enter these competitions.

1.2 The copyright of all entries or components of an entry must belong to the photographer.


2.1 Each competition shall be divided into three sections.

Monochrome prints [to include sepia toned]
Colour prints
Projected images [to include Slides]


3.1 Prints for internal club competitions may be mounted or unmounted but the total size must be no bigger than 20 inches by 16 inches. Prints for inter-club or external competitions must be mounted or on backing board, but the total size must be no bigger than 20 inches by 16 inches.

3.2 Members may submit up to three monochrome prints, three colour prints, and three projected images in any one competition.

3.3 Entries that have already been awarded a place [first,second,or third] may only be subsequently submitted for the print / projected image of the year competition.

3.4 Slides [2×2] must be correctly spotted and bear the name of the author.

3.5 Projected digital images should be in JPG format and not exceed 1024×768 pixels and be submitted on CD or USB memory stick.


4.1 Unless an external non member is used, competitions will be judged by club members present who will identify first, second, or third by a secret ballot [members may not vote for their own work].

each first choice will gain 3 points
each second choice will gain 2 points
each third choice will gain 1 point

In the event of there being only one entry, member’s votes will determine if the grade first second or third is appropriate.
In addition to points awarded by member’s votes, all entries will gain one extra point for entry.


5.1 At the end of the year, at the discretion of the photographer, the member gaining the most points in any one category will be awarded a challenge cup which will be held for one year.

monochrome prints ——–Taylor Lloyd cup
colour prints ——————Colour print cup
projected images ———–B.Birch cup
photographer of the year –Arvid Jones cup [awarded to the photographer gaining the highest total number of points in all categories.] number of points in all categories ]

Award winners are responsible for engraving their names on the trophies.


6.1 President’s Award [ panel of six prints on any subject ] judged by the Club President.

6.2 Taylor Lloyd memorial plate [ five prints on the theme of Ceredigion ] judged by an invited external judge.

6.3 Towards the end of the year two further competitions are held, ” The Print of the Year ” and the ” Projected Image of the Year ”. Members may submit up to two entries for each [any subject ] and these are judged by an external judge.

Projected image of the year___:  Aberystwyth Photo-Centre Shield

Print of the year____________:  Gwyn Martin Cup