Alwena Evans

I have always liked taking pictures since I was a young girl and find it very therapeutic if you are in good frame of mind.
The first camera was a compact and one of them was where you used a flash cube which had 4 flashes at each side, I had few compact cameras Kodak, Fuji and Fuji is one of my favourite cameras.
I stopped taking photos for a few years when I went away to work and meet on other friends which they never had interest in photography. So in the last 10yrs that I have really got back into one of the hobby’s I like doing and wanting to learn more in -depth of use of camera and to get advice from the friendly members that’s in the ACC club (Aberystwyth Camera Club)
I like taking Landscape, Close-ups / Macro, projects anything that tickles my fancy I will give it a go. My Camera at the moment is the Fujifilm sx1 good as a starter but I have my eye on a Nikon D7100 one day I will be holing it in my hands and getting excited about it all this will be totally new for me changing lens and so on but as I said before if I am stuck friends from ACC will help you out.